New Hidden Speakeasy Bar opens in Sukhumvit Soi 11 by the Creators of The Locker Room, Bangkok

From the people who brought you Locker Room Bangkok  comes a hidden treasure. A Speakeasy bar tucked away behind a sports bar (literally) in Sukhumvit Soi 11. Yes – of all places – in Soi 11!

You’ll find Score Bar’s lit up sign, directly across from the Old German Beerhouse, from here you’ll walk up two flights of stairs onto an unsuspecting sports bar with flatscreen TVs, cheap beer and affordable, yet super tasty fried snacks. And upon further inspection, a beer pong and foosball table, but nothing to be alarmed by.

That is until you spot the booth on the far end of the room. This booth allows punters to take instant pictures of themselves which is printed out in black and white and spat out within seconds. But we didn’t come here for a bit of 80s nostalgia, this booth acts as the portal to a whole other world inside.

Watch video to find out.

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